qbparty 2017

12-14 May, 2017, Sülysáp

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qbparty 2017

This year we will organize the third qbparty. We changed the structure of the compos slightly, if you miss any compo, please write to us! For example, we will hold a retrocompo, if at least four teams wants to participate.

The demoscene represents an international computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos: small, self-contained computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.

What is it all about? Read Wiki for some details!


Smoking indoors is absolutely forbidden.
The biggest part of the garden is the smoking area, we will place trash bins, and we kindly ask everyone to use them. The garden is very beautiful and we wouldn't want to ruin it, nor to set it on fire.

Alcohol consumption.

It is permitted of course, with moderation. Take care of each other and the building as well.

The use of any kind of illegal drugs are forbidden.

Connect anything non-IT gadget (over 500 watts) to the electric network is forbidden. It might cause a blackout. However, if you absolutely need to do so, please ask the staff members for permission first.

We kindly ask everyone, please take care of the party place, including the vegetation!

Any kind of damage on the partyplace will be reimbursed

If the damage has to be paid from the party budget, it might just as well mean that this will be the last party at new place.

The responsibility for your own valuables is on you. The staff can't take responsibility for any belongings you lose.

Fortunately, there haven't been any kind of damages caused or valuables stolen at Hungarian parties for ages, and we'd like it to stay that way.

It's not mandatory, but highly recommended that you use the selective trash cans!



Wass Albert Muvelodési Központ és Városi Könyvtár

Wass Albert Culture Centre and City Library

Szent István square 6

Sülysáp, 2241

GPS: 47.450239, 19.534046

Date: 12 - 14. May 2017.

Entry Fee: 4000 HUF (around 13 EUR)

Student ticket (requires a valid confirmation document): 1500Huf (around 5 EUR)

Children ticket (under age 16): 500Huf (around 1,2 EUR) This year we will have a children's corner again.

Yes, I planned change the place to Budapest, but everyone who was asked, told me to not change the place. So, we stay at Sülysáp!


The party is set in a beautiful culture home, where you will find a spacious and bright hall with comfy sofas, tables and a buffet. The main hall is used as a movie theatre, so it can be darkened very nicely. Inside, there is a big screen, which is kind of old, but it works amazingly, and gives a certain mood to the show. There will be enough tables and chairs. We are stacking up extension cords, but we welcome if you'd bring your own as well. The garden, framed with pine trees, is perfectly suitable for camping, if the weather allows. You will find tables and chairs in the garden, along with some nice blankets to boost your comfort. For the joy of smokers and for all the outdoor souls, the events on the stage are visible and within hearing distance from outside. The only thing that could ruin everything, if we have a really crappy and rainy weather :-)


Whatever you may need. Nobody will laugh at you, if you show up with a traveling bag. Release. Of course it's not a must, but we would love to have more releases to boost the party. If you prefer, bring a sleeping bag, pillow, accessories that you need for taking a shower and everything else you can't live without during the 3 days. If the weather is nice, there will be outdoor events too. If you wish to take part, bring some clothes that you don't mind to get dirty. Bring all the money you wish to turn into wine, or if you prefer ATM's, there is one at the entrance and there are two other ones nearby within 300m.


There is a Tesco supermarket next to the party place, a tobacco shop, a gym, and a pastry. In the other direction, there is a gas station and another tobacco shop.


Public transport by train

From Budapest, the Eastern Train Station (Keleti Pályaudvar) you can take the Nagykáta-Újszász-Szolnok train line (s60/z60), on the MÁV 120a line.
or travel with the Sülysáp suburban railway.


Airport to Budapest city center with bus 200E to "Kőbánya-Kispest". Travel time: ~30min. City center to Eastern (Keleti) railway station with subway M3 (change to M2 at Deák Ferenc tér) Travel time: ~5-10min. Budapest Eastern (Keleti) railway station to Sülysáp. Travel time: ~30-45min. Google map from Airport to Eastern Station. if you need accommodation or fear about lost in the city, contact us via e-mail.


From the Budapest Stadion bus station, by the buses which stop at Sülysáp. Travel time: ~40min.


Example from the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport with Car. Travel time: ~30min.




  • Combined graphics & Musics Deadline: Saturday, 10:00
  • Game development Deadline: Saturday, 10:00
  • Oldschool Demo & Wild Deadline: Saturday, 14:00
  • 256b & 4k & 64k & Demo Deadline: Saturday, 16:00



Take a seat and hang around with others, holding a beer...

17:00 C64 PvP Match

PvP Match Fun : games on the big screen, come and play!

19:30 Opening Ceremony

Of course, we try to speak English... :D

19:40 Live Game Development Competition

by popular demand


  • IDE: GameMaker v1.4
  • We provide the resources (music, sprites, backgrounds, extensions, etc.)!
  • You have two hours to develop a game from scratch.
  • You can choose any game type you want, based on the available resources.
  • We will connect your computer to the big screen and show your screen during the competition.
  • No pre-made code allowed. Show what you can create!
  • F1 is enabled :-P (You can use the embedded help of GameMaker)
  • Bring your own PC for the competition. (Have at least an HDMI or VGA output)
  • After the competition, we will upload your entry to the party intranet and show it on Saturday.
  • The visitors will vote to the best game.

21:50 Demoshow

The worst demos from A to Z

22:50 Amiga Night with DeT0X

Det0x makes the night using his Amiga,
after that: free activities & fun


11:30 Free Food Competition

Free Goulash soup in the garden.

12:30 Competition Block #1

  • Combined music competition
  • Combined graphics competition
  • Game development competition

15:00 Seminar

RawBits - Android Demo Factory - how to make a demo on your Android mobile

16:00 Competition Block #2

  • Old-school demo competition
  • Wild demo and animation competition

18:30 Competition Block #3

  • 256 byte intro competition
  • 4k intro competition
  • ~20 minutes break
  • 64k intro competition
  • Demo competition

22:00 Voting ends

22:00-00:00 SIDRIP Live



01:00 Awards Ceremony


Try find your way to home...


    In this year we shortened the competition list, because it fits better to the low number of releases.
    If you want to reintroduce a compo category, get in touch with us!
    If at least four team writes, that they want to participate with a release on a compo, we will add this compo to the list.

Oldschool Demo competition

  • C64C, Amiga 1200/68060 or bring your own hardware platform!
  • No maximum filesize, but please use common sense here.
  • RCA, VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs supported, if unsure provide a video for your entry!
  • Maximum showing time: 10:00 minutes
  • Don't forget to include any custom libraries your production may require!

Game development competition

  • Maximum filesize: 256 megabytes on ZIP/RAR
  • The game must not write on the hard disk, only into its own directory.
  • The game should not have an installer!
  • You have around 5-10 minutes to show the game. Of course, we won't be very strict with that, but if you can't present your game objectives in this time frame, it isn't our fault.
  • Projector screen size: 1920x1080 (1080p)

Combined graphics competition

  • Entries made with any tool are allowed with any creation method available, such as photo retouching or 3D rendering.
  • Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p). You may attach larger versions of the entry in the archive.
  • Allowed formats: PNG, BMP, GIF, TGA, JPG, TIF (Preferred is lossless)
  • The archive should include at least 3 phases or creation steps of the process.
  • No animations are allowed.
  • Only three picture per artist is allowed.
  • Viewing application: irfanview

Combined music competition

  • Musical entries created with any technique.
  • Playing time: 5 minutes. We'll fade out afterwards.
  • Maximum size: 15 megabytes zipped
  • Allowed streaming formats: MP3 and OGG. Also, please fill the ID3/OGGInfo fields if possible.
  • Allowed tracked formats: XM, IT, S3M, MOD
  • Only one song per artist is allowed.
  • Replaying application: Winamp for streaming, XMPlay for tracked

Wild demo/animation competition

  • Entries which don't fit into any other compo. Short films, rendered animations, Flash movies, M achinima, Dance, alternative platform demos.
  • Playing time: 5 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • If your entry is a video file, please use common formats like MP4 / MKV / AVI containers with H.264 / DivX / XviD video and MP3 / AAC / uncompressed audio.
  • If your entry is NOT a video file, consult the organizers before the deadline.
  • Only one entry per artist is allowed.

 256 byte intro competition

  • 256 bytes of coder mayhem, get the most out of a quarter kilobyte.
  • Playing time: 5 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards or when we notice it loops.
  • If possible, quit on a keypress, preferably ESC.
  • the entry must be one single file, not larger than 256 bytes.
  • The entry must not write on the hard drive.
  • Entries are ran in a genuine DOS environment

4k Intro Competition

  • Minuscule demos providing endless possibilities to show off music, code and graphics.
  • Playing time: 10 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • Entries must quit on ESC.
  • The entry must one single file, not larger than 4096 bytes.
  • The entry must not write on the hard drive permanently; CAB-dropping is allowed, but we'd recommend to use the most recent, Windows 7-compatible Crinkler.
  • If you DO use CAB dropping, we'd recommend you to avoid compatibility issues, like ordinal importing.
  • You can include a safe mode EXE in the archive, but if the compressed version of the intro doesn't run, we won't show the larger version.

64k Intro Competition

  • Minuscule demos providing endless possibilities to show off in music, code and graphics.
  • Playing time: 10 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • Entries must quit on ESC.
  • the entry must be one single file, not larger than 65536 bytes.
  • The entry must not write to the hard drive permanently.
  • The usage of kkrunchy or Crinkler is highly recommended.

Demo Competition

  • Have all the space you want for creating the masterpiece of the demoscene.
  • Maximum filesize: 500 megabytes on ZIP/RAR
  • Playing time: 10 minutes. We'll stop it afterwards.
  • Entries must quit on ESC.
  • Maximum size: 500 megabytes archived
  • The entry must not write to the hard drive permanently.

Generic compo rules for every platform

  • Entries will be accepted on the following media: CDR/RW, DVDR/RW, USB drive, MMC/SD/MS/CF card. Naturally, you will get these back after we copied the entries to the compo machine.
  • Remote contributions are allowed, but we won't safe-keep your prizes, if no one picks it up during the prize giving ceremony.
  • The organizers reserve the right to remove entries from competitions. These entries won't be shown, won't be spread and won't be votable. In individual competitions this usually means preselection to avoid a huge amount of entries to be presented, in other competitions it solely means quality control and eventual compatibility problems. If your entry doesn't run on the compo machine, we'll do our best to help you to get it running though.
  • Previously released material is not allowed. Covers, remixes and derivative works can only be entered with the consent of the original author.
  • For every entry we'd like to ask for a FILE_ID.DIZ (if the platform allows so), containing the prod's name and author, optionally the compo and party. (Note: Traditionally FILE_ID.DIZ's are 40 characters wide at most.)
  • The compo entry must be packed together with either ZIP or RAR (or the best packer on that given platform). We will not accept unpacked entries, and we will not pack your entry for you.
  • For PC compos, the latest DirectX end-user runtime will be installed on the compo machine.  Compo machine spec: i7, 16Gb RAM,  SSD,  GeForce GTX 970 4GB, Win 10
  • By entering, you also agree on having your works uploaded to our website after the party and to various larger demoscene FTP servers (scene.org)
  • The maximum resolution of the projector is 1920x1080 (1080p), so please respect that and don't go over it, because it might result in your entry breaking.
  • We add special award for the best qbasic Prod.. Just for fun.. :P
  • If the platform allows, please make a preview of your product and upload it to the partynet as help for identification.
  • Deadline of remote submissions: 4 hours before the compo deadline!
    e-mail: info<@>qbparty<.>hu

Compo machines

  • PC compo machine: i7-4790, 16Gb RAM,  SSD,  GeForce GTX 970 4GB, Win 10
  • Commodore 64C + 1541/II + IDE64 + SD2IEC
  • Amiga 1200/68060
  • Android Shield Portable

Submit remote Entry for qbparty 2017

Remote Deadlines

  • Combined graphics & Musics Remote Deadline: May 13. 06:00
  • Game development Remote Deadline: May 13. 06:00
  • Oldschool Demo & Wild Remote Deadline: May 13. 10:00
  • 256b & 4k & 64k & Demo Remote Deadline: May 13. 14:00

Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The party legalization over:

"A Magyar Digitális Művészetekért Egyesület" MDME


Main sponsor:

Magyar Demoscene Egyesület


The party's broadcast provider:


The Party Tech King we rent from:


A gift from White Rabbit Games included for every ticket!

White Rabbit Games

Our media partner:


Supporters and vendors can contact us on the following ways:
Partnership: mdme[@]mdme<.>hu
Other: feryx[@]feryx<.>hu
Information: info[@]qbparty<.>hu

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a place to sleep?

  • Yes, there will be a couple of smaller sleeping rooms.

Can I attend even though I am not a scener myself and I know nothing about the demoscene?

  • Of course, you are very welcome!

Is there a buffet at the party place?

  • Yes.

Can I bring my food and drinks?

  • Yes.

Is there ATM nearby?

  • Yes, three of 'em. One at the entrance (OTP), one at the entrance of Tesco (K&H), and another one in about three minutes of walk.

Do I have to bring a computer or a laptop?

  • No, the choice is yours.

How can I vote?

  • You will get a code with your ticket, which will grant you access to our network where the voting happens. If you need any help, the staff is there to help you. If you didn't bring any gadget that could handle this, there is a device available at the Info Desk.

Is this a LAN party?

  • No, it's not.

Where can I park?

  • There is plenty of space in front of the party place, and even behind it.

Is it awkward if I come with my travel bag?

  • Nope.

What should I wear?

  • Whatever feels suitable, there will be party t-shirts. We advise you to bring a second set of clothes, especially if you wish to take part in the outdoor events.

How do I get to the place?

  • It is really easy. We are 35 minutes away from Budapest Eastern Train station (Keleti Pályaudvar), about the same time by bus too. For more information, please read the Location section.

Can I book a room somewhere nearby?

  • Yes, if you wish to sleep somewhere else than the party place, we can help you with accommodation, but it's important to book early.


  • Yes. But be aware, never take a random taxi if you are a foreigner and not speaking Hungarian language. If you need a taxi, call by phone from official companies and always ask for the price before entering.

Can I dance?

  • Yes, until you are boo-ed off the dancefloor.

Will there be internet connection?

  • We hope so, it would be strange without it.

Is it possible to do some karaoke?

  • If there is a demand, we can sort it out.

Can I buy food or drinks nearby?

  • Yes, during the day. Tesco is open until 10PM and there is a pastry nearby. There are other small shops in the area.

Is there a tobacco store around?

  • Yes, next to the Tesco store.

Will you have something for my headache?

  • Yes, ask the info desk.

Is it a problem if can't bring a release?

  • We wont bite your head off, but it would be nice if you'd bring one :-)

Is it okay If I attend only to play games?

  • No one will forbid. However, we recommend that you take an active part in party events.

How can I send my release?

  • You can send it in e-mail or simply give to us at the party or upload via the local network. If you need help, please contact the organizers.

Can I bring my retro/brand new/monster rig/special/etc. gadget to show off?

  • Yes and we appreciate it! If you plan to show lot of stuff, please contact the organizers beforehand.

Is the place far from the train-station? Where should I go?

  • It is about 5 minutes away and we will stamp arrows to help you find the place.

Is there a gas station nearby?

  • Yes, really close.

What does "QB" stand for?

  • The name is just a word joke,  QB->sounds similar to CUBE (it is the english translation of the word "kocka", the way nerds are called in Hungary)

Why did you cut the competition list

  • Based on the experiece of the last two years, we experience what the community needs. We want a really good party to do and we realized that there is little sense in a competition which have only one release to show and vote for.

Any other questions? Write to us!

You feel the urge to write to us?

We love your feedback. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.